So what is 5G and why should people care? Think of it this way: America is the current technology leader and companies like Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon and Twitter are the undisputed world leaders of today.

Many people in the United States, Europe and everywhere else believe these companies have too much power already. They can ban any person or business from their platform and that entity loses all social media contacts and implicitly a lot of effort that had gone into building its brand.

Now consider this: all the above has been made possible by 4G technology and the smartphone. With 5G there is no smartphone. 5G technology and the so called Internet-Of-Things will mean you can walk outside in a city and call a Uber using your voice – cameras and microphones around you in every street object identify you using Artificial Intelligence and send you a Uber. There will be no credit card, your identity is known and Uber will charge you automatically, from your bank-controlled account. You go to a restaurant and your favorite food is brought to you. As you walk out, a Uber already waits for you to take you home. Sounds very nice, right? A technology paradise!

Now consider this: who is in charge of your data? If you feel Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon and Twitter have too much power, are you comfortable with the US government owning it? How about the Chinese government? China is preparing to roll out 5G technology and it is slated to become the technology leader of tomorrow.

What if the US government, or Chinese government, or whoever will own your data decides you are not a nice citizen and they ban you just like Google, Facebook and Twitter have done it in the past with some entities? Guess what: your Uber stops coming… your food is not there anymore… and your money disappears from you bank account!

This is why we should consider carefully what kind of technology we accept into our lives, and who we trust with our data and for what use. Do we want to live in a 5G dystopia?