In 1933, by Executive Order 6102, the US Government confiscated all the gold legally owned by Americans and gave it to the owners of the Federal Reserve which had been created only 20 years earlier in 1913.

In 1971, the US Government put the final nail in the coffin of the American monetary system when President Nixon decoupled the US dollar from gold. Now the thieves behind the Federal Reserve were free to create “money” out of thin air just like previously explained in this article.

The whole global monetary system came down in 2008, because mathematically a system based on debt cannot survive, it constantly needs more “money” to be created to cover interest tacked to the principal when conjured into existence. The bankers came to the American people with their hand out, and instead of throwing all these thieves in jail and confiscating their fortunes, Congress approved hundreds of billions of dollars and bailed them out. Trillions have been added in the 11 years since. This is all stolen money, stolen wealth and stolen future. American children have their future stolen by these thieves.

When you look at the history of the Federal Reserve and put everything into perspective, everything becomes clear – just consider the three examples above from 1933, 1971 and 2008 to understand what the Federal Reserve is, what it does and what will happen next if the American people do not wake up and say “ENOUGH!“.