Here are some of the misinterpretations, misconceptions and flat out lies regarding the meaning of “America First”:

  • it means we only care about America to the detriment of any other country or nation-state;
  • it means we consider ourselves superior to all other people;
  • it means we are racist;
  • it means we are xenophobic;
  • it means we are Nazi;
  • it means we are fascists;
  • it means we are isolationists.

And here are some of the real facets of what “America First” means:

  • we put the nation-state above any international structure like the European Union, United Nations etc.
  • we are Americans – of course we love our country and we care about other countries as well. We want their people to love and care about their own country as much as we love and care about ours
  • we want all people in the world to put their own country first, which means we want them to put their nation-state above any international structure
  • we are not isolationists – we want to engage in fair trade with everyone else. But we are against all wars unless they are for self-defense purposes
  • we denounce the fiat currency system controlled by private banks as explained in previous articles (see here and here)
  • we advocate a return to a fair monetary system based on gold and silver, just like our Founding Fathers intended for us

There are many other aspects regarding what “America First” means and does not mean – hopefully this short article explained the basics.