While President Trump is seen by many patriots as not moving fast enough to restore the Republic to the vision of our Founding Fathers, we believe he shares their vision and is very strategically navigating the political and economic minefield to execute his restoration plan while causing as little pain to the American people as possible.

We should remember: the whole American economy has been hijacked little by little over the last 100+ years. The plunder started in 1913 when the Federal Reserve was put in charge of the money creation process. We highlighted this in the past (here, here and here).

The corporations that grew up around the fraudulent banking system evolved into the military complex and technology behemoth monopolizing whole industries today. Just look at the endless wars in the Middle East and the communist-style censorship on social media platforms to understand how low our country has been brought by these parasites.

Our immigration process has been broken by the same greedy corporations, preying on the weak foreigners brought from poor countries and then playing on good-hearted Americans’ feelings of compassion and love for others, while making a fortune paying slave wages in agriculture, IT and every industry they could not totally outsource. Jobs went to China, India, Mexico, Vietnam… and illegal immigrants came by the millions and took more jobs from Americans who were told they did not want those poorly paying jobs anyway (well, if illegals did not take those jobs maybe they would not be so poorly paid, but the corrupt politicians in Washington have built this narrative for 30+ years).

China has been taking advantage of the US for 30+ years as well, but it really ramped up its plunder since entering the World Trade Organization (another globalist structure just like the United Nations, the European Union, World Bank, International Monetary Fund etc.) in 2001. And here by China we mean the Communist Party of China – not the Chinese people who are some of the hardest working and resilient people on Earth and who have suffered so much during their 5000+ year history. It can be argued that the Western countries have humiliated China in the 19th century, and that is a valid point. The opium crisis was a culmination of that humiliation, with the British treating the Chinese like sub-human… but this disgusting history should not be repeated in reverse to the detriment of the American people, with hundreds of thousands of Americans dying every year from fentanyl sent by China. This can be called “reverse opium” crisis, with Chinese corporations encouraged by the Communist Party of China profiting at the expense of American lives.

So why mention all these problems in the context of this article? Because before President Trump burst onto the political scene no other presidential candidate, let alone an American President, ever articulated them!

President Trump exposed globalism and the Federal Reserve for what they are. From his election campaign to his his inauguration speech to his routine tweets against the Fed, he has been hammering home the same message of nationalism and economic renaissance. He has been exposing the scam in our immigration system and the false narrative created by corrupt politicians and lobbyists since he came down the escalator in Trump Tower and declared he was running for President of the United States. And he has been exposing the opioid crisis and the Chinese world domination intentions behind the One Belt, One Road initiative and the Made in China 2025 project while at the same time being open to fair trade and cooperation as long as intellectual property rights are respected and forced technology transfers are stopped. And President Trump has stood up to lobbyists who have been pushing for more wars in the Middle East – just recently he fired John Bolton whose extreme views were clearly not in the direction American patriots want to see the US go.

So while we still wait to see the United States liberated from the clutches of the parasitic central banking system and fake “money” unleashed as a plague on the country especially since 1971 when Nixon took America off the gold standard we understand without President Trump no progress would have been made in this direction.

So for this, we support President Trump and will do all we can to ensure his reelection in 2020.