For those of us who studied what happened in Eastern Europe before 1990, it is very clear what socialism is, how corrupt its promoters really are and where it leads. We all know how it ends – but few understand how it works, and how tempting it is when it begins to take hold.

Because in the beginning, it all sounds good: no more inequality, no more uncertainty, jobs for all, social safety net, free shit. A chicken in every pot.

The problem with all this is it does not work. When people feel their efforts are not rewarded and regardless of abilities and work everyone receives pretty much the same benefits, everybody stops working. Everybody starts looking for shortcuts and the easy way out.

Economic stagnation follows, taxes go through the roof… and if the government is so inept as to fight the people instead of correcting the course, social unrest ensues.

In Eastern Europe, socialism had to be rooted out by popular movements in the 1990’s. In other parts of the world, like Sweden, the government was smart enough to fix the problems before people made them do it:

The question is: will Americans allow a handful of crazies on the extreme left brainwash them into believing this can have any other ending?

In any socialist state, corruption becomes endemic. The justice system stops functioning, bribes in one form or another corrupt everyone. And the sad truth is, before Donald Trump became the 45th President of the United States, this is where we were heading.

If you need proof, just look at the sham going on right now in the bullshit “impeachment inquiry” launched by Nancy Pelosi and her Squad supporters who wanted the President impeached since before he took office. There is no due process, no Republican participation allowed, no official vote, nothing! Adam Schiff pitches and catches at the same time. He blows the whistle and he whistles to echo the blower – well, he is both the whistle and the blower so he technically blows himself.

Now… what we want to know from every American patriot, and we mean EVERY one individually: how long are we going to tolerate this scam? The Deep State parasites switched from Russia to Ukraine, from Mueller to Schiff, from wiretapping Trump Tower to “whistleblowing”. It is clear that as long as Donald Trump is President they will not allow him a moment of peace to work for the American people. So, what should American patriots do?

We encourage good Americans to get in touch with us as we foresee trouble on the horizon. 2020 will be a troubling year indeed, the octopus of corruption does not want to die peacefully… the Swamp creatures will not go quietly into the night… we will have to fight them. So we need to start organizing and prepare for their vicious attacks. If they can attack the President, ordinary citizens will have to withstand their rage as well. We can only do it together.