We learned yesterday from President Trump that the ISIS leader, Abu Bakr al Baghdadi died in a US strike.

While this is great news if true (this particular terrorist had been declared dead in the past a few times only to resurface later), let us analyze this news with a clear head and forget all propaganda we have been hearing about ISIS for a moment. If one digs deeper, ISIS was a creation of the Deep State. Remember this picture of John McCain with ISIS top level terrorists?

Also, remember when President (then candidate) Trump said Obama was a “founder of ISIS”?

President Trump was speaking the truth then, like he did every time – sometimes maybe not using the most accurate words, but the meaning was clear despite the Fake News media taking advantage of his colorful language to try and confuse the American public.

ISIS was created by the Deep State to create chaos in the Middle East so that America had a reason to invade Syria. It did not matter that so many people died horrible deaths – the beheadings and horrors we saw for a few years before Donald Trump came to power were all part of an orchestrated effort to make the good-hearted American people believe we had to go to Syria and depose Assad so that we get rid of ISIS.

Only, if you remember, we were not making much progress against ISIS while Obama was in power… a few thousand idiots driving around in SUVs and trucks were terrorizing a whole region using weapons they got from the US military which was somehow forgetting them while retreating…

The only problem was, in his stupidity Obama managed to do two things: first he pushed President Putin of Russia too much. He tried to take Ukraine so Russia invaded Crimea. Second (and this one takes the award for idiocy) he managed to make Turkey and Russia friends when he attempted a coup against President Erdogan of Turkey. Yes, remember that? Russia and Turkey had been enemies in that region for centuries. This idiot Manchurian candidate and globalist sellout who fooled so many of us with his made-up Harvard biography managed the impossible: Turkey and Russia became friends because Putin warned and saved Erdogan!

What is happening now in Syria is a direct result of idiotic actions born out of globalist arrogance performed by Obama… to repeat: Obama’s Deep State created ISIS to destabilize the region. He pissed off Russia with his Ukraine push, then he pissed them off even more by attacking Syria because the only Russian base at the Mediterranean Sea is in Syria, that is vital for Russia. It was a fight or die situation Obama created, both in Ukraine and in Syria… he miscalculated, he misjudged. He thought Putin was weak – and Putin called his bluff twice. Then Putin warned Erdogan about the coup attempt (that was the most moronic move in the history of foreign policy blunders). Now Russia and Turkey are friends – let us connect these dots.

THIS WAS THE SITUATION WHEN PRESIDENT TRUMP BECAME PRESIDENT. Faced with this impossible dilemma, getting out of Syria and letting Russia and Turkey to sort things out was the only sensitive thing President Trump could do. And of course Turkey knew all this time where al-Baghdadi was – remember where he was going when he was killed? Turkey!

So this is what President Trump negotiated with President Erdogan on that phone call, before Turkey moved in: America withdraws and Turkey gets to push the Kurds back… back to not look completely as a pushover, President Trump gets to announce we finished ISIS once and for all, by killing its leader. Because ISIS has been dead for three years now anyway, once Obama was out of power Russian and American forces working together decimated the terrorists who had no more Deep State cover and protection – we did not hear much about ISIS in the last three years, did we?

So yes, killing that lowlife was good (and we believe this time is for real for the reasons mentioned above). But let us not swallow propaganda like Kool-Aid, OK? And let us put this whole thing in perspective and remember who created this mess in the first place. Obama and Clinton need to be brought to account for what they did in Syria, Libya and everywhere else (including the spying on a political opponent’s campaign). Justice needs to be served and from our sources we believe justice is coming.