As the whole editorial team of returned from the San Francisco Blockchain Week, we were discussing among ourselves the incredible sights created by the hordes of  homeless in the center of the city. For those Americans who have not been to San Francisco recently (or maybe at all), they should know that the way President Trump describes the situation there is actually pretty tame.


There are streets full of tents all over central areas of the city. The smell of weed (and as libertarians and constitutionalists we are pro-marijuana but this was still on a scale that made it overwhelming) is everywhere. We have witnessed multiple cases when police intervened and kicked out of shops or arrested zombie-like characters who were trying to steal food from convenience stores.

For people used to seeing homeless on the East Coast, we should stress something: in San Francisco homeless do not meekly sit on a corner with a board that says “Please help!” – on the West Coast they are pretty aggressive and in your face. Many have mental issues, and our research shows that the oldest ones found themselves on the streets after the politicians of the ’80s “solved” the budget problem by releasing the mentally ill from California institutions. We can just hope the same method will not be used for the violent California inmates but we should not hold our breath, the stupidity of politicians cannot ever be overestimated.

So how come so many people (some of whom are actually decent – we also witnessed homeless women thanking very politely for a dollar or apologizing as we passed by etc.) ended up in the street in San Francisco? Because there are tens of thousands of them according to official statistics . Just like in New York City and Los Angeles, many people ended up in the street because of the extremely high housing costs.

Just to give you an example, one of the Uber drivers we used was an Indian programmer who told us he has to drive on the side because his job in Silicon Valley does not pay enough! His two bedroom apartment rent is over $4,000 (utilities included)!

So is there any surprise a lot of people find themselves squeezed out? With a bit of bad luck such as a medical condition or a job loss, anyone can end up in the same situation.

But while homelessness is statistically still low compared to the whole population, WE SHOULD NEVER FORGET THE ROOT CAUSE. And we should never forgive the blood thirsty animals (read “those behind central banking and the fiat monetary system”) who were capable of creating such a scheme, or the treasonous politicians who are knowingly abetting them (because not all politicians even understand monetary issues – but those who clearly do should be brought to justice for the suffering they have willingly caused).

Now, the question is: when the banks fail (look at the recent repo markets to understand this has started already, 11 years after the Great Recession of 2008) and order is lost, how are YOU going to cope with what is coming? Cops can kick out a homeless guy out of Walgreens or arrest a drug-addict who steals a piece of bread… but what can cops do when a half the city is out for blood, because thee ATMs don’t work, credit has stopped and they cannot buy food anymore? WHAT IS YOUR PLAN B?