As we celebrate Veterans Day, we at America-First.Org think it is important to remember what our heroes fight for. And by this we do not mean personal reasons our military folks enlisted – those can range from tuition money to job security to family tradition to patriotism.

What we mean is WHY would anyone be ready to give up control of personal life, accept grueling physical and mental training, commit to executing orders without questions, accept deployment in far away lands and fighting in life-and-death situations, risk losing life and limb, contemplate life in a wheelchair due to horrific injuries or live with PTSD forever?


Before we try and enumerate some of the reasons we believe people choose a life of service in the military, let us try and name some of the reasons we KNOW they do NOT enlist for. Nobody enlists because:

  • they want to protect the bankers behind the Federal Reserve who highjacked America in 1913;
  • they want to keep the fake monetary system based on nothing since Nixon “temporarily” took us off the gold standard in 1971;
  • they want to kill innocent people in the Middle East so that oil companies can have a higher stock value;
  • they want to teach the whole world gender-neutral restrooms are better;
  • they want the whole world to have the same brainwashing American kids enjoy in schools, so that everybody can freely learn from a young age about the benefits of becoming a transgender;
  • they want foreign leaders to have the same integrity as Joe Biden who helped his son get a deal or two by withholding aid to Ukraine or doing China’s bidding;
  • they want to protect our political elite and business class who have enriched themselves while selling the American people out for bribes from the Chinese Communist Party;
  • they want to fight wars when globalists who hide their names and faces manipulate us by false flags and terror attacks.


Now, here are some of the reasons our heroes might sign up for military service:

  • they want to protect their family and friends;
  • they love their country, even if they know the banking cabal is still in charge;
  • they want to get the skills to fight the globalist traitors when the time is right;
  • they want to protect a real leader of the people when such a leader emerges – we believe President Trump is such a leader but he still needs to end the Fed and get our monetary system back after he wins the 2020 elections;
  • they want to preserve our Republic as our Founding Fathers intended it;
  • they want to defend the Constitution and the Bill of Rights;
  • they want to honor those who served before them and walk in their footsteps.

Yes, we at believe all veterans enlisted because of a deeply rooted love for the values of this country. We wish you all a blessed Veterans Day!