We live in unprecedented times. America is under attack from within. Our Republic has never been in so much danger since George Washington’s times. And yes, this assessment includes the Civil War period. Because back then, our country was not threatened by a complete globalist takeover if one or the other side lost.

Our President is under attack. This is President Trump in his own words:

We at America-First.Org are not about just spreading a message, hidden behind our screens. We are hard-hitting patriots ready to put our lives on the line. While we have supported President Trump from the moment of his escalator speech in June 2015, we have never been involved in politics. But we decided to join the fight because we sense real danger.

We started this website with the clear intention of building a community of action-ready patriots. We ask you to join us. If you are military/police or ex-military/police, or if you had combat training in any form, if you are in decent physical shape and most importantly if you are ready to defend our Republic, our Constitution and our President against traitors and globalist sellouts should the need arise, please contact us. We will email you if/when a Call to Action is needed in order to fight back for our country and the values it was founded on.

Thank you.