We hear daily “The Federal Reserve did this”, “The Federal Reserve did that”, “The Federal Reserve will do this”, “The Federal Reserve will do that”. We understand what these scum who have hijacked the American monetary system do is consequential. We do not dispute that. We understand very well that the fate of many people depends on the way they move the needle… how many will lose their jobs, how many will lose their homes, how many will have nothing to eat, how many will get sick, how many will die – this all depends on how the bureaucrats at the Fed will play with interest rates and liquidity, just as explained in this short video:

We understand all this. But we also know that the “academics” at the helm of The Federal Reserve have no real power. Does anyone think Janet Yellen was leading the world when she was Chair at the Fed?

We know that the people who have real power are from old families behind the private banks who control the Fed and every other central bank in the western world.

The way these old families hide their money and power so ordinary folks believe they own nothing when in fact they control everything is (we admit) very clever.

But the truth remains: these barons of finance have managed to get their hands on the power of issuing currency in America, just like they did in Europe, Japan, South Korea and everywhere else in the world with a few exceptions. If you want to predict where the next war will star, just look at the map and ask yourself this question: “is their central bank controlled by the same people who control the Fed and the European Central Bank?” – if the answer is “no” like it was the case in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and countless others in the not too distant past, then you know where the next conflict will occur.

When Americans are sent to fight, most of the time they are not sent to fight for protecting America but for conquering new territory with fresh new slaves for the central banking system. The new slaves start working and paying tax to this cabal – the cabal now owns their time and freedom.

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