Today we want to address an inconvenient topic. It is inconvenient because it touches upon human behavior and most of us are uncomfortable not only when trying to change our behavior but also when just looking at it, contemplating it.

By behavior we do not mean how nice we are to other people, how respectful we are at work and in relationships etc. By behavior we mean habits.

As American Patriots, our eyes are open. We are deeply aware of the dangers to our Republic, our Constitution, and our freedom. Our rights, privacy and livelihood, our very lives are under constant attack by overreaching government agencies working on behalf of globalists behind the central banks. Our children are being brainwashed in indoctrination camps called “schools” and “colleges”. Our wealth is being stolen through different means, including inflation and taxation. Crazed leftists attack our elected leaders and traitors in Congress make up fake accusations to impeach our President. With permission from treasonous politicians and hidden support from government agencies drug cartels have invaded America and are selling their poison to our youth. Same with the communists in control of China who let their companies export fentanyl to the US causing hundreds of thousands of deaths every year, a tragedy of epic proportions.

So it is imperative we function at a higher level than most people. Too much is at stake. We need to take our country back and for this each of us, individually, has to function as clockwork. If you have a job that drains you just because you need to pay rent or your mortgage or put food on your table… it is tough, we are aware of this. So it is even tougher to make life-altering decisions while dealing with all the crap these globalist animals have piled on our heads, trying to enslave us so fully that we can only work and sleep in order to pay taxes and the debt they create.

So here are individual behavior changes we recommend in order to take our lives back:


It does not matter how busy you are, you have to make time to exercise. Regardless of your profession, construction worker or computer geek, medical doctor or garbage collector – you have one body to take care of and use in this life. Without a healthy and strong body your mind will weaken over time too. Find time to exercise daily. No Gym is absolutely necessary. If you live somewhere where there is no quick access to a Gym, calisthenics is a great way to get in shape.

Be aware of your surroundings

Most people do not pay attention to their surroundings. They re]y on “civilization’ to be there for them. We are warning all patriots this is not safe. Even if nobody attacks you, even if there is no civil war coming (although it surely looks like it seeing all the Antifa thugs assaulting Trump supporters almost daily), you need to start thinking differently, on a different level. Any human has the capacity to feel danger – we know from personal practice and from being exposed to life and death situations when a split decision makes the difference. Start developing your innate capacity to protect yourself and your family!

Blending in

Almost as important as situational awareness is blending in. If you are in one of the big cities on the East Coast or California, you do not want to have thugs jump you just because you advertise your political views by wearing a MAGA hat. We are not saying you should not wear MAGA hats or any clothes you like. What we are saying is your safety is more important than making a public statement. On this site, we are all people who have seen combat one way or another. And NONE OF US tries to stick out like a sore thumb in unfriendly neighborhoods. That’s also why you do not see a “Team” section on this website. We prefer anonymity.

Martial Arts / Self Defense

There comes a time when despite all your efforts of paying attention to your surroundings and blending in you will have to fight. Real martial arts are not what people see on TV, UFC/MMA type. Those are SPORTS. Martial arts come from war (that is what “martial” actually means). When your life depends on it, you need to be able to take out an attacker in less than 10 seconds. That means disabling or killing if attacked with a deadly weapon. Sorry, MMA fans – MMA looks good and we have all respect for wrestlers, boxers, judoka and jujitsu practitioners. But those are one-on-one sports with referees imposing rules and timing rounds… that does not happen in real life. If the system does not train against multiple opponents using weapons and no restrictions/rules… well, you fight as you train and life is not fair. Real martial arts have to come from war and be methods that were tested in real combat for centuries.

Firearms training

In the US we are extremely lucky to have the Second Amendment protecting our rights to keep and bear arms. It is our patriotic duty to regularly train with firearms. While we recommend exercising/working out daily, we recommend shooting your favorite firearms weekly. Get your friends and go to a range, get a range membership and enjoy your freedom, no other country in the world gives its citizens this opportunity – and if you have any doubt about what distinguishes free people from slaves, just look at history even as depicted in Hollywood movies: slaves are always unarmed!


Finally, we recommend all able-body patriots to look for and join a local and state militia in their region. If no militia exists close enough to where you live, start a militia with friends who think like you. Also, we are here to help link up groups in every state, so we are happy to hear from you and help you connect.

We would like to hear from you, please get in touch on Twitter or through our contact form. We need your support to bring the fight to the globalists and ensure the reelection of President Trump in 2020. To help us achieve our goals, donate here.