As the Chinese virus came to America we got really busy and as such have neglected the news and opinion section of our site. We promise to never let this happen again. This was an unprecedented event and as much as we were prepared for a huge attack on America (see our last post from January 9th in which we predicted among other things that the Deep State would derail Trump’s economy ahead of the elections in November) we still had to scramble to adjust to the new conditions.

So with the advantage of perspective, what would we like to say about the “invisible enemy” that hit America?

First, through our research we have uncovered this is no ordinary virus. As we have pointed out multiple times on our Twitter feed, this is a bio-weapon. Also, as far as we could tell, this was first created using CIA funds in US labs, then given to the Chinese in 2015 under the Obama administration which also gave millions of dollars in funding to the research lab in Wuhan.

It is now clear who benefits the most from the shutdown of the economy, both worldwide and in the US. As the political witch hunt was producing no results, the Deep State had to coordinate with their communist allies in China who were being hit as hard as the globalist tools in America by the President’s tariffs and economic decoupling. With their supply chain disrupted, the Chinese had nothing to lose and bet the farm on taking down the global economy as a means to take down Trump.

So while the impeachment hoax came to nothing, the dark forces behind treasonous politicians went to the next stage in their diabolical plan. Because make no mistake about it, this virus had always been in the cards for them and unfortunately we can say with confidence this is just a warm-up. Just as the details of the previous Russia hoax are coming to light (by that we mean how the corrupt FBI did the bidding of the Deep State to entrap General Flynn), these lowlife globalists are getting ready to execute their next stage of control: the introduction of a new fake monetary system, centralized and totally controlled by the forces behind the current central banks.

Based on a centralized blockchain (the so called CBDC – Central Bank Digital Currency) and coupled with efforts to mandate vaccines without which no economic help will be provided for starving Americans now completely reliant on government handouts, this is the wet dream of all the New World Order (NWO) proponents: you only get next rounds of stimulus money (and eventually unemployment as well) if you have a certificate for being vaccinated and the way you get that “money” is on a digital ledger that the NWO masters can wipe clean with the push of a button. Their real intention is to have both medical history and monetary information as part of a chip inserted in the human body. Are your dumbing down vaccines up to date proving that you are an obedient slave with an IQ as high as the amount of mercury injected periodically allows you to be? Good, you get more digital Fed coins on your inserted chip wallet! No? Well, if you want more money to buy groceries you better hurry and get the latest vaccine! Did you post something online lately exposing the NWO? Sorry, no money for you! Oh, and the cash you thought you had in the bank? Sorry, that converts to digital form over the next six months if you get the vaccine, after that it disappears. Not that it would be worth much in six months anyway, with the trillions of “dollars” being created out of thin air by the Federal Reserve these days…


So what can patriots do to counter these moves by the globalists? As we have pointed out in the past, you need to become as self reliant as possible. You need to get out of fiat currency (debt-based) investments. Our January 9th predictions for gold and bitcoin are aging well! And you need to link up with like-minded patriots who are ready to die before surrendering to tyranny. We are encouraging everyone reading this to sign up on our contact form so that we can be of service in time of need. Social networks can easily delete accounts and without a way of staying in touch that does not involve third parties we will be cut off from each other. We are coordinating with patriots in most states with the goal of building a rapid reaction force that can defend our liberties in face of unprecedented danger.

We would like to hear from you, please get in touch on Twitter or preferably through our contact form. We need your support to bring the fight to the globalists and ensure the reelection of President Trump in 2020. To help us achieve our goals, consider shopping and recommending our online store or donating here.